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SAFE LINK - turnkey instrumentation solutions, assembled and delivered

INTERTEC's SAFE LINK service provides you with complete, prefabricated hook-ups for field instrumentation. The service covers the whole process from engineering design, to assembly and on-site delivery. SAFE LINK can save you time and money, and increase instrumentation performance and reliability.

SAFE LINK solutions often improve the performance and reduce lifecycle costs of field instrumentation because of the proven nature of the designs, and the use of modular components. INTERTEC has a very large database of designs covering all common field instrumentation applications, from instrument connection to sampling points. These systems are fabricated using modular components and layout principles that reduces the variability of instrument installation and provide a site standard - greatly simplifying ongoing maintenance.

Our designs are field proven and highly reliable, and pass on the benefit of our enormous protection know-how to you. Moreover, you can choose from conventional instrument connection configurations, or innovative close-coupled solutions that can enhance measurement accuracy. We can also accommodate your own design choices and wishes, allowing you to specify, for example, the brand of instrument and style/brand of manifold preferred.

How do I access the service?

You can specify a SAFE LINK solution for your requirement by using our software tool. Alternatively, by answering a short questionnaire, we can configure the solution you need. You are then provided with a proposal including CAD drawing, bill of materials, etc. When the design is approved, INTERTEC will assemble and deliver the solution, using our own components (enclosures, heaters etc) plus any items such as transmitters that you free-issue.

An example turnkey solution supplied fully-assembled and ready for use with transmitter, manifold and freeze-protection heater inside a compact enclosure.

A heated enclosure to maintain the temperature of viscous media, supplied fully-assembled by INTERTEC's SAFE LINK service.


More information?

DD011e / DD011c (US): SAFE LINK Brochure
DA002e / DA002c (US): SAFE LINK System for standardized Instrument Installation
DA001e / DA001c (US): SAFE LINK The new standard of close coupling field instrument installation
DD100e / DD100c (US): SAFE LINK System for close coupled instrument installation
DD101e / DD101c (US): SAFE LINK for Gas Applications
DD830e / DD830c (US): SAFE LINK with Passive Cooling
DD410e / DD410c (US): DS2720 Passive Sample Cooler

Browse INTERTEC's datasheet library.

What forms of protection are possible?

Do-it-yourself integration

We offer free software to help you configure your own enclosure, cabinet or shelter scale solutions faster and more efficiently.

Turnkey design/build

The SAFE LINK service creates complete system solutions, tailor-made for your needs. Our systems are much more than the sum of their parts - you get truly integrated solutions with added-value performance and reliability derived from know-how gained on thousands of similar applications.

INTERTEC's datasheet library.


SAFE LINK Configurator

Configurator software for do-it-yourself integration
Our free software will help to configure enclosure solutions faster and more efficiently. You can start with a general-purpose software tool for field protection (first item in list below). Alternatively, if you already know the right INTERTEC product line for your application, you can use a specific version of the configurator software.