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Outdoor cabinets and shelter
Wednesday, 24 November 2010 08:40

cabinets and shelters

all-weather, application-specific solutions based on standard designs

For over 40 years INTERTEC™ has designed and manufactured protection enclosures for field equipment. Our products protect sensitive industrial instrumentation and electronic/electrical equipment in almost every sphere, from the utility infrastructure that underpins our daily lives, to equipment operating in Earth’s most challenging environments. Our heritage has allowed us to develop the complete service for designers and users of remote and outdoor-based equipment including:

all-weather enclosures, cabinets and shelters
a huge range of accessory options
( (heaters, ventilation, mounting...)
design and manufacturing support
for applicationspecific solutions

Our enclosures are fabricated from high-performance grades of glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP). These materials are very stable, almost immune to damage from chemical media including salts, naturally fire resistant, and with a strength that almost matches stainless steel - for just a quarter of the weight!

INTERTEC’s manufacturing processes also provide many other degrees of flexibility: standard shapes can be adapted in size easily, internal space can be subdivided to segregate equipment, access points and openings may be installed almost anywhere, etc. The breadth of our modular range, and our systems building support, means that choosing INTERTEC as your enclosure partner will ensure that you get the precise protection solution you need. You can choose from standard enclosures and configure them yourself with heating, cooling, vents, locks, etc. Or, INTERTEC will configure and customise as required to meet your needs. Among the specifications that we will meet are:

  • Ingress protection (IP65/54 minimum)

  • Heated or cooled, passive cooling, air-conditioning

  • Fire safety (to 120 minutes); low smoke generation

  • Extreme thermal insulation/heat resistance (to 160 C)

  • Condensation resistance (no external-internal thermal shortcuts)

  • Noise abatement

  • Windproof (to 240 kph - also blast/earthquake proof)

  • Corrosion resistance, leak resistant floors

  • Durable gel-coated surfaces for UV/graffiti/scratch resistance

  • Impact resistance (GRP panels are stable but elastic)

  • Colour impregnated (no maintenance)

  • Explosion proof (IEC, ATEX, CSA, GOST, Nepsi)

  • Antistatic; metal-free surfaces

  • Frangibility for airside applications

  • Flexible access (all sides can be made removable)

Superb environment protection
INTERTEC has developed special fabrication techniques for creating tough and durable cabinets and shelters for harsh outdoor operating environments. We use sandwich type construction with inner and outer GRP skins enclosing cores of insulating PU foam (or mineral wool if long fire resistance times are required). This construction technique combines strength and rigidity with a high degree of environmental protection. Three standard types of cabinets and shelters provide platforms for a very broad range of outdoor equipment needs.

BASIC cabinets

CLASSIC cabinets

ARCTIC shelters
Light-duty cabinets (IP65 as standard) for free-standing or wall-mounted applications, with cable entry typically via the bottom or rear. Available in sizes up to 2 m high. Double-walled GRP skins with PU foam cores provide excellent durability. Internal Unistrut or C-rails offer excellent mounting flexibility. This variation extends the loadbearing capability by means of internal support posts - made from high tensile strength pulltruded GRP. Can be made in almost any size up to heights of typically 3 m. Many design variations are possible, including construction and floor materials (such as containment floors). Thick sandwich-construction panels provide superb thermal insulation properties combined with high structural strength and durability. Maximum size is almost limitless, our design team can configure single piece walls and roofs up to 6x3 m - for air tight integrity.


RAILWAYS. Configured to house high current switches, these Classic cabinets feature UV- and graffiti-resistant gel-coating, 15 mm thick insulation for cold climates, freeze protection,and a metalfree exterior surface. The GRP materials are also fabricated using a low smoke generating resin.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS. These Classic cabinets house cellphone base station equipment, and feature UV- and graffitiresistant gel-coating, freezeprotection and air conditioning.
RAILWAYS. These custom cabinets house switchgear and termination equipment for a metro transit system. The GRP materials are fabricated using a generating resin.

WATER. This Classic cabinet houses equipment that controls the operation of a rainfall collection basin. Features include UV- and graffiti-resistant gel-coating, thick insulation, a metal-free exterior surface, and a special swing-out mounting system to simplify maintenance and access to cabling and terminations. AIRPORTS. These shelters house lighting control equipment for runways. Among many special features are frangibility for passive safety, and 100% metal-free construction to eliminate danger of sparks on a collision and to minimise interference with radar/radio. WATER. This Arctic shelter houses the drives, motors and controls required for this large pumping station in the water supply infrastructure. The flexibility of INTERTEC’s manufacturing process made it easy to shape the shelter to suit the concrete construction. A completely metalfree exterior surface is used for corrosion resistance. WATER. These shelters house instrumentation used to control a Middle Eastern water pipeline. A water-based passive cooling system and thick insulation limits the extremes of day and night temperature swings.