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The difference - unique features and know-how make INTERTEC protection solutions better

Whatever protection your equipment needs, INTERTEC already has a solution - or will produce one for you. And you can rest assured that our products are fit for purpose. Many of our specialists have a decade or more of experience in designing and configuring field protection systems. Here are just a few of the advantages we offer:


Turnkey service

We will design and build your protection solution - helping you to keep your projects on schedule and to budget.



Our product range is highly modular, allowing you or us to configure application-specific solutions easily


There is no substitute for experience - we know what works and how to build it.



Maintenance is a huge element of operational costs. We have evolved enclosure solutions over more than four decades, helping us to combine accessibilty with the right environmental protection required.



Our modular range makes it easy to choose the exact level of protection required - for optimum cost-effectiveness.



Construction know-how

Our versatile GRP material, and processes developed over decades, allow us to create shelters easily to demanding specifications from anti-static to 120 minute fire protection - with many unique performance features.



Our basic fabrication material, GRP, has incredible advantages for field protection applications.



Our broad range, and modular components, allow us to provide complete site-wide solutions for clients, incorporating standardized components and techniques to simplify maintenance, spares holdings, etc. Call us for references.


INTERTEC's experience

Since 1965, we have created over half a million enclosures for field protection. Our unparalleled experience is at your disposal for advice, or to configure a turnkey solution.


What forms of protection are possible?

Do-it-yourself integration

We offer free software to help you configure your own enclosure, cabinet or shelter scale solutions faster and more efficiently.

Turnkey design/build

The SAFE LINK service creates complete system solutions, tailor-made for your needs. Our systems are much more than the sum of their parts - you get truly integrated solutions with added-value performance and reliability derived from know-how gained on thousands of similar applications.

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