PERI SHELTERS - only exterior access is needed

All of the control and instrumentation elements requiring manual access for adjustment, monitoring or maintenance purposes are made accessible via the exterior of a PERI SHELTER.

In the example shelter pictured here, exterior panel-mounting enclosures provide access to electrical connections and I/O termination. The control and safety systems inside the building are accessible via a touchscreen HMI - mounted behind an insulated inspection door. This allows operators to monitor the process and make adjustments locally, or perform maintenance.

The control and safety electronics inside this shelter were installed and tested during a factory acceptance test. At this point the shelter door was locked and remained sealed throughout installation. All connection and commissioning work was performed via the exterior - ensuring that the sensitive electronics were not exposed to the corrosive atmosphere of the operational processing plant.

For this particular application - at a refinery in a hot Middle Eastern location - further panel-mounting modules provide advanced cooling facilities (the system includes a passive cooling circuit with a roof mounted heat exchanger, plus electrically-powered water cooler and HVAC units for redundancy against failure).



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