Saving cost and space with PERI SHELTERS

Plant automation systems are becoming more complex, due in large part to ever more sophisticated safety requirements and technology. Adding new equipment into already crowded plant areas - often close to the process in hazardous areas - is a big challenge. And the problems that result can contribute significantly to project cost overruns, a situation that some industry observers describe as a crisis.

Engineering such upgrades can be very complex. If conventional implementation routes such as satellite instrument houses (SIH) or remote instrument enclosures (RIE) are chosen, the costs can be very high. This is because SIH/RIE buildings are usually designed to accommodate personnel, and the associated ergonomics, safety and HVAC requirements can make the buildings very large and expensive.

Human access and accommodation requirements often account for around half of a building's footprint - because of the need for doorways, aisles, walkways, desks, control panels, escape routes, etc. Unmanned PERI SHELTERS reduce this dramatically, saving enormous costs - as well as simplifying installation into crowded plant spaces and hazardous areas.

Unmanned PERI SHELTERS can deliver further major cost savings as fire and blast resistance will often not be needed. And there will no longer be any requirement for large and expensive HVAC support, along with reduced requirements for other building services such as lighting.


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