Shortening plant upgrade projects with PERI SHELTERS

The simplification of field shelter specifications that unmanned PERI SHELTERS makes possible - compared with conventional manned SIH/RIE buildings - can significantly compress project schedules.

Thanks to the elimination or reduction of many building protection features and services, modular and standardised shelter construction techniques can be employed - reducing design and build times dramatically.

INTERTEC is possibly the most experienced provider of turnkey process instrumentation in the world, and our system building resources mean that sophisticated control and instrumentation shelters can be supplied as turnkey solutions - ready for connection to the process and switch on.

Routing all of the cabling to externally accessible panel-mounting cabinets and enclosures can greatly simplify system building. INTERTEC's factory-based assembly and system building engineers can work with the EPC and multiple equipment vendors to provide turnkey equipment mounting and cabling solutions that greatly simplify internal connection complexity and speed delivery of finished shelters.

These design concepts can greatly shorten project timescales. Based on experience of previous PERI SHELTER projects, INTERTEC estimates that time savings can be as high as 50%.

PERI SHELTERS reduce project timescales with:

proven shelter designs, modular construction



smaller, lower-complexity shelter designs


simpler and reduced internal cabling


rapid site installation


✔minimal human factor engineering requirements



More information?

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