Convection heaters with constant heating power

Perfect temperature control for protecting your equipment

Convection heaters provide uniform heating of the air inside an enclosure to heat the equipment and systems within and thus ensure their functionality. In addition to increasing the temperature of components to the required operating temperatures, convection heaters also help prevent condensation inside the enclosure.

Convection heaters use the air in the housing as a heat transfer medium from the heater to the equipment. To achieve high efficiency, this method requires proper insulation of the housing.

In order for these heaters to be used in explosion-proof areas, their surface temperature must not exceed the temperature limit of their respective temperature class. For this reason, the heat source of heaters with constant power (CP) contains a temperature limiter which safely disconnects the heater from power in case of overheating.


Compact and slim: This heater will also fit next to or between built-in devices.

This heater is also available as a self-limiting version.


The MULTITHERM is bigger and more powerful. With enough space, this heater offers a better efficiency.

This heater is also available as a self-limiting version.


Due to their narrow, vertical format, these heaters are particularly suitable for installation next to or behind the devices in the housing.

This heater is also available as a self-limiting version.


Like the MEGATHERM, the HORIZOTHERM does not need much space. It was primarily designed and optimized for horizontal installation.

This heater is also available as a self-limiting version.


These heaters are characterized by a high heat emission due to their relative area. They are optimally installed below the devices in the housing.

This heater is also available as a self-limiting version.

E-Series (not Ex-protected)

The E-Series is particularly suitable for applications in non-hazardous areas. The temperature can be easily controlled manually via the integrated controller.

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