INTERTEC enclosures guarantee the lasting functionality of your equipment

With the right protective equipment for your systems, you can easily avoid failures or defects. Sometimes it's as easy as comprehensive insulation to prevent thermal bridges. Benefit from our know-how from over 50 years and create the optimal operating conditions for your application.

Heat and UV radiation

The outdoor temperature is defined as 'temperature in the shade'. Additional heat generation by direct sunlight can therefore be problematic. In this case, protective equipment and canopies are often indispensable accessories for the enclosure or shelter to perform its function efficiently. They are also suitable for protection against other external heat sources, such as the flare of a refinery. Materials with good thermal conductivity, like aluminum or steel, offer insufficient protection in this case, as heat transfer between the canopy and the instrument can occur. It is often presumed that plastics are not robust enough to fulfill the tasks of solar or UV protection, but this is a misconception. Modern composite materials and coatings are used today in many ways to protect our most valuable possessions (house, car, etc.). INTERTEC offers a UV and scratch resistant gel coating with a thickness of 800 micrometers (for a vehicle it must be just 100 micrometers) that will last at least 20 years.

Extreme temperatures

Some explosion-proof devices are only designed for temperatures from -20° C to +40° C, but many applications around oil and gas plants are exposed to extreme environmental conditions and require -65° C to +65° C.

INTERTEC offers all enclosures with suitable heating and cooling systems that have the additional function of an optional alarm/switch-off system in case of heater failure.

Protection against condensation and crystallization

Condensation occurs even in gas-tight housings due to residual moisture in the air or from outside when entering or during maintenance work. This can lead to long-lasting moisture and the accumulation of large quantities of water. Therefore always keep the system temperature above the dew point.

Especially in chemical or petrochemical plants, as well as in the sample preparation systems of analyzers, maintaining the temperature at a high level is often a prerequisite for preventing condensation and/or crystallization of the media in the measuring instruments. Some users resort to ventilators (or compressed air) to heat the immediate surroundings. This is extremely energy-intensive and difficult to realize in hazardous areas. The optimal solution for such cases is our HOT BOX – a coordinated complete system consisting of an enclosure equipped for high internal temperatures, with suitable heating including a precise control mechanism.

Frost protection

It may sound simple, but there are risks: it is absolutely essential to scale frost protection to cover the coldest point in your system - you should know where it is and make sure there are no thermal shortcuts from the inside to the outside. And even if there is only a small amount of water in the media, it doesn't mean that frost protection is not important: Ice forms layer by layer until a pipe or valve is blocked. Our heaters are individually selected and adapted for this purpose for the respective application.

IP and NEMA protection classes

What is the appropriate degree of protection against the ingress of dust and liquids required in your applications? Any IP or NEMA classification can be achieved with the NEMA System. When configuring your enclosure, consider factors such as dew points and condensation. Shelters are provided with exhaust or drain openings in these cases.

Corrosive atmospheres or media

Chemical, oil and gas plants usually have very corrosive atmospheres (e.g. with hydrogen sulphide), which cause corrosion of surfaces, fittings, windows and electrical contacts, among other things. The GRP material, used in INTERTEC enclosures, cabinets and shelters is resistant to many aggressive chemical media and atmospheres, or seawater. Our products can therefore withstand the conditions of corrosivity categories C5-I and C5-M according to DIN EN ISO 12944, as well as meet the highest Corrosion Resistance Class CRC V according to DIN EN 1993-1-4:2015-10/Eurocode 3. To protect equipment and electronics in these conditions, our PERI SHELTER offers the optimal solution.

You need reliable protection for your application?
We are happy to support you in finding the right solution.

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