Protective Cabinets and Shelters

Comprehensive protection solutions that provide more functions than traditional protection cabinets

INTERTEC protective cabinets and shelters are built using a modular system of wall elements, doors, floor and roof elements. The sandwich components made of polyester composites and polyurethane foam core combine strength and rigidity with above-average protection and are able to withstand any extreme climatic conditions.

Thanks to our proprietary GFP composite material, INTERTEC protective cabinets and shelters can withstand extreme environmental conditions and provide the best possible protection for the systems and equipment installed in them. The only difference between cabinets and shelters is that shelters can be entered, while the equipment in cabinets can also be operated from outside. Ask our experts, to find the right solution for your application.

Advantages of all types

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Maintenance-free materials
  • Decades of service life
  • UV- and scratch-resistant gelcoat
  • Electrical insulation
  • High strength
  • Low weight
  • Easy machining
  • Thermal insulation
  • High quality
  • Certified production
  • IP protectioun class at least IP54
  • Transparent to radio waves

Protection and safety

  • Protection class IP65, IP66, IP67
  • Explosion protection (according to IECEx, ATEX, CSA, EACEx, KC, NEPSI, PESO)
  • Fire resistance class up to 120 minutes (FIRE SHELTER)
  • Active, passive or hybrid cooling
  • Heat resistance (up to 160°C)
  • Extreme thermal insulation for arctic or tropical climate
  • Protection against storm (up to 240 km/h)
  • Earthquake/Seismic-proof
  • Leakproof floor (German Water Resources Law §19)


All INTERTEC advantages also apply to small, standardized cabinets, provided no increased demands are made on the stability of the cabinet. For individual specifications, the BASIC VARIO variant can be flexibly adapted.


The CLASSIC construction is a proven system with the unique C-rail concept. Here, the weight of the fixtures is transferred to the corner posts made of high-strength pulltruded profiles. Thanks to the proven sandwich construction of GRP and rigid polyurethane foam core, this series also features very good thermal insulation.

CLASSIC solutions are individually scalable - from non-walk-in cabinets to manned shelters. Each wall element can also be designed as a door.


The sandwich elements of the ARCTIC series are manufactured on modern CNC machines with millimeter precision and are suitable for use in moderate climate as well as in extreme temperatures.

All dimensions as well as the thickness of the insulation can be chosen individually.

The possibilities for individual designs are almost unlimited.

An individual design is created in the INTERTEC 3D CAD system based on parameterized models. The post-processing software converts it into a CNC program so it can be adapted to the exact requirement profile of the respective application.


In case of fire it is necessary to keep safety devices in operation. INTERTEC FIRE SHELTERS ensure a comparatively low internal temperature in the event of fire - even after 120 minutes. FIRE SHELTERS are made of a special multi-layer sandwich construction of GRP and mineral wool. Special access points allow maintenance of the instruments without disassembly. The protective solution itself, on the other hand, is completely maintenance-free.

FIRE SHELTERs are available in various forms - from kits for retrofitting to fully equipped and accessible houses.

Let’s talk about your application!
Our experts can provide you with the best solution individually tailored to your situation.

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