Protective solutions for measuring and analysis equipment

Keep your equipment safe with our robust enclosures and textile insulations

INTERTEC offers various standard enclosures to protect field-mounted process equipment. Having the broadest range on the market - in sizes and designs - allows us to offer the right enclosure to provide optimal and cost-effective solutions for each application.

The enclosures are made of a specific high-performance grade of glass-fiber reinforced polyester (GRP). This fire-retardant material is very stable, corrosion-resistant, and withstands almost all chemicals. It weighs around a quarter of stainless steel yet has the strength to match it!

All INTERTEC instrument enclosures can be offered in thermally insulated forms, with a unique GRP liner on the inside.

Enclosures are used to protect field instrumentation and other sensitive equipment from severe ambient conditions like frost, sunshine, corrosion or sandstorms to ensure the proper functionality of the enclosed equipment, to extend its lifecycle and mean time between failures.

Where our rigid enclosures reach their limits, our new range of textile insulations offers an alternative.


The MULTIBOX is a two-part enclosure that can be installed vertically or horizontally. Either section, deep or shallow, can be used either as the base or cover for improved maintenance access. Instruments can be mounted on C-rails, with tube entry at the top, sides or bottom. Several standard sizes provide volumes from 20 to 250 liters. For individual requirements, the variant MULTIBOX VARIO can be flexibly adapted.


This two-part enclosure is split diagonally, offering clear and easy access to installed equipment for maintenance. It is suitable for rear or bottom tube/cable entry. There are six sizes from approx. 27 to 277 liters, each of which may be installed vertically or horizontally. For individual requirements, the variant DIABOX VARIO can be flexibly adapted.


This enclosure is suitable for compact instrument hook-ups and direct (close-coupled) mounting of transmitters. The enclosure can be installed vertically or horizontally. Its hinges allow clear access to the installed equipment from all sides. This compact enclosure can make installations very cost effective. Dimensions: 21.8 x 30 x 38.8 cm (21 liters).


The UNIBOX is a two-part enclosure with a large top half that folds away to provide full access to the top and sides of installed equipment. Alternatively, it is available as a variant that can be completely removed. Ideal for applications with base entry for tubes/cables. The UNIBOX is available in four sizes from 43 to 63 liters.

Body Only Enclosure

The two-part enclosure for protecting field instrumentation has removable side flaps for access to the manifold. The BOE covers only the wet part of the transmitter and the manifold, therefore keeping the electronics in open air. Designed and produced to meet Shell's MESC standard.


This is an insulating protective enclosure made of hard PU foam and a front panel made of acrylic glass for pressure gauges. It consists of two components, which are connected with three clamps, allowing easy assembly and disassembly. The enclosure can optionally be equipped with a steam or electric heater to prevent condensation.

THERMOTEX Flexible Instrument Covers

THERMOTEX Flexible Instrument Covers for transmitters and gauges share many of the advantages of their hard GRP counterparts. The outer layers of silicone-coated glass fabric offer excellent resistance to corrosion, UV rays as well as cold and frost protection. Thanks to reliable insulation and optional heat tracing cables, the jackets are especially suited for cold climates – even as low as -60°C. The covers are lightweight, space-saving and easily removable for maintenance access. Due to their low installation costs, they are especially suited for retrofitting.

Depending on the application, our enclosures can be outfitted with a wide range of options and accessories to meet all requirements.

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