Reliably protect instruments and equipment

What is needed to ensure the smooth operation of your systems?

A malfunction or failure of even one of your instruments can possibly lead to a complete shutdown of your produciton - and potential losses in the millions$. INTERTEC has a wide range of solutions available to protect your measuring, control and regulating equipment against failures that could be caused by environmental conditions or mechanical damage.


With the right protective equipment from INTERTEC you can create perfect operating conditions for your equipment, so that not only regular wear and tear, but also extremely cold or extremely hot outdoor conditions are no problem. With our protective equipment, you can reliably extend the mean time between failures (MTBF).

Safety & Security

In many industrial environments, a certain risk potential must be taken into account, for example the danger of explosion due to explosive mixtures in conveyor systems. The safety of your personnel is clearly the top priority. With our protective boxes, cabinets and houses, you can reduce potential hazards to a minimum and even completely eliminate certain safety hazards.


As a future-oriented company, we place great importance on environmental protection through sustainable production. The basis for this is our proprietary composite material for the production of all our protective equipment: Glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP). In addition to the structural and thermal advantages of the enclosures, GRP is characterized by its amazing resistance and durability, which significantly reduces the resources required for the maintenance of the enclosures.

In addition, it can be easily recycled or disposed of thanks to the production process, which is free of harmful and toxic substances.

The surfaces of INTERTEC housings are also highly suitable for the easy removal of graffiti. Graffiti does not adhere very well to the smooth surface of our gel coating and can usually be removed with the help of a special solvent that you can buy from INTERTEC.


GRP – the optimal material

Due to its unique properties, glass-fiber reinforced plastic offers comprehensive advantages for our protective enclosures that cannot be met with comparable materials:

  • Strength of steel at only ­∼25% of its weight
  • Excellent insulation due to low thermal conductivity
  • Resistant to corrosion, abrasion and UV radiation
  • Electromagnetically transparent for wireless applications
  • Fire retardant
  • Excellent structural integrity even at extreme temperatures between -65°C and +80°C

You need reliable protection for your application?
We are happy to support you in finding the right solution.

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